Sleeping Method From 10 Months

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Villa Bimbi uses various sleeping methods that are tailored to the developmental age of your little one. All our methods are based on a gentle parenting vision. This means that we never let the little ones cry-it-out, but look at the reason behind the behavior.

The method that Villa Bimbi recommends for babies from 10 months and toddlers is the Put Down / Put Down method in combination with the Lady Shuffle method. In this blog you can read more about the Put Down / Put Down method. If you want to know more about the Lady Shuffle method, read our blog: De Lady Shuffle Method.

Before you get started with the Put Down / Put Down method, it is important that your little one’s sleeping environment is tailored to his needs. Do you want to know where your little one sleeps best? Then read our blog: Where does my baby sleep best. The Pick Up / Put Down method gives your little one the opportunity to learn to fall asleep independently in a relaxed state. You give him the space to learn how to self-sooth, but also give him the closeness he needs. All this without letting him cry-it-out in a controlled manner, but only using gentle parenting methods.

The 6 steps of the Put Down / Put Down method

  1. Start the Wind Down ritual
    • Start the wind down ritual for at least 15 minutes (Want to know what a wind down ritual is? Read our blog ‘How do I help my baby to relax before going to sleep‘). When you notice that he is starting to relax, put him in his bed. Make sure your little one does not fall asleep in your arms.
  2. Come back after 100 seconds if he’s still restless / crying
    • When he gets restless or starts to cry, go back into his room after 100 seconds. Does your little one immediately stand up again as soon as you want to leave the room or does he get out of bed? Then use the Lady Shuffle Method.
  3. Sit next to his bed and calm him with your voice
    • Stand or sit next to his bed and try to calm him down by using your voice and some touch if needed. If he’s standing in his bed, don’t pick him up, just put him down. Use the words “it’s bedtime darling.” If not already turned on, turn on the white noise machine. Don’t force him to stay in the same position when he’s crawling around in his crib. Just let him be. If he is standing, put him down. Do not make any other eye contact. It even helps to pretend you’re sleeping. This way you show what kind of behavior you do want to see from him.
  4. Use the Lady Shuffle Technique
    • Sit in a chair in his room, but don’t talk or make eye contact. It is also possible to sit on a pillow on the floor. Because you are lower, your baby will likely stay low too, as he wants to make eye contact with you. Read the detailed steps for the Lady Shuffle in our blog: The Lady Shuffle Method.: The Lady Shuffle Method.
  5. Provide the closeness he needs
    • If he is still crying on the same level or worse, make sure he has his pacifier with him and use some comforting words like “it’s okay honey, you can go to sleep.” If he’s really upset, you can sit next to his bed and rub his back until he’s calm. When he is calm, return to the chair / pillow position. Always try to calm him down first by using your voice + white noise (if you want to know everything about white noise, read our blog: Everything about White Noise).
  6. Repeat these steps until he is asleep and then leave the room