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What is swaddling and how do you do it

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Swaddling means that you wrap your baby in a swaddling cloth or hydrophilic cotton cloth. Swaddling ensures that your little one gets the same safe and sound feeling as what he experienced in the womb. This makes it easier for your little one to relax and sleep better. But there are many more benefits! Which […] Read more

How to potty train my toddler

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Potty training is an important step forward for children, in several ways. They gain control over their body, which previously functioned outside of their own will, automatically. Becoming potty trained is the beginning of becoming aware of obligations and of getting things done systematically. In this way, potty training plays a role in shaping the […] Read more

Sleep tips babies and toddlers; transition winter- summertime.

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Changing the clock can cause many sleeping problems for your little one. How do you ensure that your little one can get used to the new rhythm without experiencing any problems (and without mom and dad barely sleeping for the next few weeks)? 3 steps to transition from summer- to wintertime or vice versa Start […] Read more