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What is a dreamfeeding and how do I use it

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A dream feed is when you gently take your baby out of his crib between 10pm and midnight to give him a feed. Research shows that this extra feed usually reduces night waking, helping babies stay asleep until a more ‘reasonable’ time of the morning. Do I need to let my little one burp after […] Read more

Everything about White Noise

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The use of White Noise is not harmful, in fact, when your baby was still in the womb, he heard a constant rustling sound of 90db. That’s louder than the sound of a vacuum cleaner! This sound was produced by the heart and the blood pumped through the mother’s body. Now you may also understand […] Read more

Everything about teething

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Every baby reacts differently to the teething. Some babies are more affected than others. But when will the teeth come through and how can you relieve the pain? What can you do if this makes it harder for your little one to sleep? Teething not only leads to physical discomfort, but it can also disrupt […] Read more