Toddler Personality

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Toddlers are in their so-called preoperational period. A feature of this period is egocentrism. Toddlers do not yet have the ability to put themselves in another place. In addition, they are developing their own self, which means that they are learning that they are a person themselves and can influence the environment around them. This […] Read more

Introduction Solids

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Nutrition plays an extremely important role in your little one’s sleep development. If you want your little one to be more relaxed and able to sleep longer, it’s important to make sure he’s comfortable, healthy and well-fed. The moment of starting solid food is an important milestone for your little one. But how can you […] Read more

Object Permanence

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The so-called object permanence starts around the eighth month of your little one’s life. You may have noticed that your little one is not looking for a toy or object that is hidden. According to the pedagogue Piaget, this behavior means that the children do not yet understand that a person or object will continue […] Read more